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The Art of Statement Lighting

Among the many lighting trends that have captured the imagination of designers and homeowners alike, one stands out boldly: Statement Lighting. With the transformative impact it has on spaces, the perfect feature or statement piece can give your space a truly unique feel and ambiance. 

What is Statement Lighting? 

Statement lighting is the art of using unique and eye-catching light fixtures to make a bold visual impact in a space. These fixtures serve as focal points and conversation starters, adding personality and drama to interiors. Statement lighting isn't just about function; it's about making a statement about your style, creativity, and personality. 

Characteristics of Statement Lighting 

Statement lights often feature unconventional, artistic, or extravagant designs that draw attention and spark intrigue. These fixtures that can take on various forms, from abstract sculptures to nature-inspired designs. Brigit Heller's Forma collection, exclusive to About Space, features unique designs with delicate open forms. You can find out more about the inspiration behind her stunning sculptural pendants here.

Feature lights tend to be larger or more prominent than standard lighting fixtures, making them impossible to ignore. Grand and ornate chandeliers are classic examples of statement lighting, often found in dining rooms and entryways. Our Gin/Tonic/Soda chandelier is a customisable and eye-catching piece that can fill void spaces in your hallway or in rooms with high ceilings. 

Statement lighting may incorporate unusual materials like acrylicglass, or metals. Explore our Yosh Glass pendant collection to introduce textured and coloured glass into your space. Customise designs like our Caterpillar or Zoro pendants to add unique touches that capture attention. With interchangeable glass pieces, you can effortlessly blend multiple styles or switch them for a fresh look anytime.

In most interior lighting designs, wall lights are included to complement the ambiance created by statement pendants in a space. You can choose wall lights that match the pendant's style for a harmonious look or opt for contrasting ones to accentuate your pendant's grandeur. Experiment with various materials, colours, and textures to craft a truly memorable lighting experience. 

Our Yosh Glass collection is compatible with a variety of our wall lights. Bring all of your pieces together with stunning opal glass or brass finishes, and leave your guests in awe. 

What Does Statement Lighting Really Do?

Statement lighting becomes the centrepiece of a room, drawing the eye and setting the tone for the entire space. The right statement light can establish a specific mood or ambiance, from cozy and intimate to dramatic and theatrical.

The European-made Andromeda pendant and wall light are both exceptional examples of extravagant Italian design that inspires. It boasts a striking design featuring small hexagonal pieces forming arms that wrap around the light source, giving it a futuristic and distinctive look that breaks away from conventional lighting design. 

Our show-stopping Caroline pendant is another spectacular choice for dramatic statement lighting. Its delicate design, featuring a soft fabric exterior and a gentle, inviting glow, adds an elegant touch to any space, transforming it into a warm and welcoming sanctuary. 

Statement lighting becomes a topic of conversation when guests visit, adding an element of storytelling to your decor. So, dare to make a statement with light and see your space come to life like never before!

Explore our collection of eye-catching pendants and wall lights to enhance the aesthetics of your space today! 

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