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Crafting Client Centric Experiences With Our Very Own Jodie Meier

Jodie Meier > Senior Lighting Design Consultant – Projects

As the lead Lighting Design Consultant at About Space, Jodie possesses a unique fusion of talents, with expertise spanning the realms of Interior Design and Criminology & Psychology. Jodie's journey to becoming a vital team member of About Space is nothing short of fascinating and inspiring. 

Jodie’s Role 

Over the years, Jodie's role at About Space has undergone a remarkable evolution, symbolising her dedication and determination to make a mark in the design world. She began her journey as a showroom sales consultant and soon found herself taking on additional responsibilities as an online sales coordinator. Driven by her unwavering ambition, Jodie set her sights on becoming a design consultant. Through rigorous training and commitment, she not only achieved her goal but also rose to the well-deserved position as the Showroom Manager of our St Kilda Showroom. 

Jodie's path at About Space has been illuminated by her relentless thirst for knowledge and growth. Prior to joining the company, she had limited knowledge of lighting design. Determined to expand her horizons, she invested time in honing her technical capabilities and building strong relationships with customers. At About Space, we value individual growth and the learning journey. We have always supported Jodie’s passions and her dedication over the years has paid off for both her and About Space. She has been able to successfully transform her role into a full-time design position, and as the demand for lighting consultations soars, her expertise proves to be an invaluable asset to About Space and our growth.  

So, what exactly attracted Jodie to About Space and kept her engaged for all these years?  

When Jodie first encountered About Space, lighting design was an entirely new field, and About Space was an unfamiliar name. During her initial interview with us, Jodie experienced a profound sense of awe and inspiration. The passion emanating from our team as they discussed the significance of lighting left an undeniable impression on her.  

Jodie deeply values our willingness to seek and listen to employee feedback, fostering an environment of mutual respect and collaboration. Every day we aim to imbue these ideas and values into our practices, and we pride ourselves on the welcoming and supportive community we have fostered over the years.  

While Jodie's journey at About Space has had its fair share of challenges, the rewards have been immeasurable. Witnessing completed projects that she poured her heart into and receiving heartfelt feedback from clients who experienced the transformative power of both lighting and her designs have been extremely gratifying. Jodie's dedication has undoubtedly improved the lives, interactions, and emotional connections of those residing within the spaces she has touched. 

Explore some of the spectacular lighting designs Jodie has created by looking at our latest completed projects here.

About Space’s Growth 

Reflecting on her most cherished memories at About Space, Jodie finds it impossible to single out just one as her favourite. The incredible individuals she has crossed paths with during her time at About Space have become lifelong friends, united by their shared experiences in the dynamic world of lighting. Their unwavering support, wealth of knowledge, and camaraderie have made every challenge an enjoyable journey for her.  

And who could forget the charming and unexpected guests that have graced the showroom? From coaxing out a sneaky mouse with cheese to the daily visits of "Chester," the resident magpie who comically collides with the glass doors, Jodie's memories are brimming with delightful stories that perfectly showcase the lively environment and intimate relationships at About Space.  

Jodie holds certain values close to her heart in her journey with About Space. Foremost is the value she places on having her opinions respected and heard. She cherishes the trust bestowed upon her and endeavours to prioritise the success of About Space in all that she does, whether it be in terms of products, processes, or personnel. About Space has provided Jodie with flexibility and excitement, ensuring that each day is filled with challenges, growth, and a strong sense of community—an environment in which she thrives. 

Over the course of Jodie's time with About Space, she has witnessed the business grow astronomically. In recent years she has eagerly watched as About Space has blossomed into a powerhouse with showrooms expanding to more states across Australia. With ever-expanding dedicated teams for commercial affairs, marketing, procurement, assembly, accounts, and warehousing, the team at About Space has become a haven for passionate individuals who see every opportunity as a chance to learn and improve. Jodie often marvels at the growing number of faces she sees at our Monthly Meetings, a testament to the growing influence and recognition of About Space within the industry.  


 Jodies’s favourite collection at About Space is the Zero collection. She adores the versatility of the range, which she presented as a concept to Mark. The evolving range has captivated her with its resounding success. 

Jodie's exceptional journey with About Space serves as a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment. As she continues to shape spaces, touch lives, and illuminate environments, Jodie remains an integral part of the About Space family, breathing life into each project she embarks upon. Her story stands as an inspiration to all those who dream of merging their passions and carving a unique path in the world of design. 

At About Space we get pretty excited about creating lighting designs that are energy efficient, fit your budget and quite literally, light up your life. Book a lighting consultation with Jodie here, to find out what possibilities await your space!


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