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Have You Visited Our Showrooms? Meet Tom, Your Lighting Consultant!

Tom George, a self-employed designer with a passion for hand-crafted homewares and lighting, found himself on an exciting journey when he joined the About Space team. His story is one of creativity, camaraderie, and a deep appreciation for designer lighting.  

A New Chapter

Tom's journey with About Space began at a trade show in Melbourne, where he was exhibiting his own brand of hand-crafted homewares and lighting. Little did he know that this event would lead to a life-changing encounter. At the show, he was drawn to the captivating lighting and the warm and welcoming team at the About Space display. This initial connection would set the stage for the next chapter in his professional life. 

The transition from self-employment to a position with About Space marked a significant turning point in Tom's career. He moved to Melbourne and accepted a role within the sales consultant team. This allowed him to continue exploring his creative endeavours while becoming a valuable member of the About Space family. 

Tom's primary responsibility at About Space has been to consult with clients and provide them with innovative and bespoke lighting solutions for their residential projects. He understands the importance of collaborative engagement with clients, and puts it into practice every day to provide clients with the perfect lighting solutions for their needs. Over time, Tom's role has expanded to include tasks such as merchandising, training new team members, and managing order reception and dispatch. He has proved to be an invaluable asset to the team at the Fitzroy showroom, flexing his impeccable design skills whenever he can. 

The Real Dream Team 

What makes Tom's journey with About Space truly special is the sense of camaraderie he has found within the Fitzroy showroom team. He highly values and feels privileged to be able to work with individuals who feel like family, and where support and teamwork make every day at About Space a great one. 

Of course, no journey is without its challenges, and Tom has faced his fair share. With an extensive range of lighting products, gaining the knowledge required to confidently assist clients was a learning curve. However, he found solace in effective team communication and knowledge sharing, ensuring that clients always receive the best solutions for their spaces. 

Tom believes one of the most rewarding aspects of his experience at About Space so far has been the friendly and team-oriented atmosphere. He treasures the opportunities to connect with both local people, designers and industry professionals, bringing spaces to life with the stunning range of designer lighting available. 

A memorable moment that left a lasting impact on Tom was attending trade shows with About Space, this time as a part of the family! It allowed him to connect with designers, architects, and design enthusiasts and introduce them to the beauty of the designer lighting industry. 

Local Designers are The Future

Tom envisions a bright future for About Space, one that continues to invest in local and independent Australian designers. He is particularly fond of designers like Brigit Heller and Nick Rennie and hopes to see more bespoke, hand-made, and locally designed work incorporated into our original range. 

Of course, seeing how much he values local designers it is no surprise that Tom's favourite product from About Space is the Sway floor lamp by Melbourne designer Nick Rennie. This kinetic light is not only functional but also a sculptural, interactive masterpiece. He also has a soft spot for the Andromeda range by Italian lighting designer Zava, with its delicate and beautiful forms. 

As About Space continues to evolve and embrace local talent, it's clear that the future holds even more exciting opportunities for both Tom and the About Space team he's come to love. 

Visit the vibrant and passionate teams at our showrooms across Australia today! Find your closest About Space showroom here

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